Rubber Process Oil

rubber-process-oilPanama Petrochem Ltd, manufactures Rubber Process Oils which are widely used across various industries and are popular as safe and environment friendly products. Different grades of superior quality Rubber Process Oils are offered which are used for the manufacturing of various rubber produces, from both natural as well as synthetic rubber.

Under the brand name Panol, 3 Grades are offered namely,

PANOL C 160-A – (Aromatic Base)

PANOL C 160-P – (Paraffinic Base)

PANOL C 160-N – (Naphthenic Base)

Also, Speciality Rubber Process Oils meeting European Regulation for non-carcinogenic oils, Mild Extracted Solvent (MES), Residual Aromatic Extracted Solvent (RAE) and Treated Distillate Aromatic Extracted Solvent (TDAE), are offered on request.


Panol C 160-A is an Aromatic type of Rubber Processing Oil, formulated from specially selected aromatic furfural extracts with higher aromatic content. It is available with different viscosities as required for different applications.

  • High rubber and polymer solvency
  • Widely used in the manufacturing of automotive tyres and tubes, bi-cycle tyres, tyres retreading materials, belting, hoses, battery containers, extruded products and technical moulded goods
  • Highly suitable for Natural Rubber, Styrene Butadiene Rubber, Polybutadiene Rubber and Neoprene Rubbers
  • Offers good compatibly and is suitable for use with Natural Rubber, SBR, PBR, CR etc.


Panol C 160-P are Paraffinic type Rubber Processing / Extender Oils formulated from highly refined solvent extracted base stocks of low sulphur content.

  • These oils are used in the manufacturing of butyl tubes and a variety of technical moulded and extruded products based on polar rubbers like EPM & EPDM etc.
  • They have good thermal stability and are suitable in the manufacture of light coloured products and because of their high paraffinic content and viscosity, these oils are preferred for achieving high retention of properties after ageing and higher loading of oil
  • They are used for heat resistant conveyor belts and steam hoses


Panol C 160-N serws grades are Napthenic type Rubber Processing / Extender Oils formulated from carefully selected Hydrotreated Napthenic base stocks.

  • These are non-staining in nature and posses excellent thermal, oxidation and colour stability
  • They are recommended in the manufacture of automotive tubes, light coloured non-back footwear products and also moulded and extruded goods
  • They are compatible for processing with NR, SBR, PBR, Butyl and EPDM rubbers
  • Special tailor-made blends are also available for TPR and other specific applications


We manufacture and offer Speciality Rubber Process Oils meeting European Regulation for non carcinogenic oils. We have a wide range of Mild Extracted Solvent (MES), Residual Aromatic Extracted Solvent (RAE) and Treated Distillate Aromatic Extracted Solvent (TDAE).

Specifications of RUBBER PROCESS OILS